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Panoramic Terrace

We are proud of our panoramic terrace, designed in modern minimalism style. Regardless the season it can be used as salon for complimentary-drinks, photo session studio, dessert or dance hall, or as a separate banquet hall.

Панорамная терраса

Spacious hall, elegant combination of classical colors, luxury interior and large panoramic windows erase frontiers between you and outside, and create unique atmosphere of comfort.

Modern design decisions of space organization, make possible to use terrace as separate hall for banquets and buffets.
To make your family or corporative celebration special we propose variety options of décor and design. We change interior every season to give our quests atmosphere of joy and holiday.

It is also possible to use both Panoramic terrace and restaurant “ARENA” at the same time as two separate halls for celebration.

Arrange exclusive festive menu and enjoy the best Italian, European and Japanese dishes by your choice. We’ll create unique festive atmosphere to make your memories lasted for a lifetime.

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