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Lobby Bar

Regardless time of day and season lobby bar “ARENA” will provide you with comfort and excellent service.

Enjoy delicious coffee, delicate taste of tea or you favorite drinks in atmosphere of comfort, modern design and excellent service.  Lobby bar “ARENA” is the place for cozy and luxury rest.

Plan your business meeting in lobby bar “ARENA” and be sure in success – relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of our lobby bar further positive results of negotiations. Lobby bar “Arena” is a place where modern history is made. Become a part of this history!

Khmelnitsky, Proskurivska str,20


Tel.:    +38-0382-702-090,
Mob.: +38-0687-702-090,
Fax:    +38-0382-701-090,

Tel.: +38-0382-704-999,

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